Software Engineering Solutions

Welcome to the Software Engineering Solutions from the Computer Science Expert Kevin Veen-Birkenbach.

I provide worldwide software engineering solutions in the following fields:

Computers and Microcontrollers

I offer hardware near programming for single board computers and microcontrollers. This includes the development of IoT applications which follow REST or MQTT standards. I also offer the programming and design of robots. I work with platforms like Raspberry Pi, Arduino and Nodemcu ESP2866. To develop single board computer applications I use mainly Python as programing languages. For microcontrollers I use C++.

Symbolic Image © Michael Hentzler / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 4.0

Software Development

I provide full-stack application development. Therefore I use back-end technologies like PHP, Java, Python and C++ in combination with frameworks like Symfony or Spring Boot. On the front-end side I develop with Bootstrap, jQuery and Vue.js.

Symbolic Image © MichaelFitz / CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Development and Operations

I provide DevOps solutions by using approaches like Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment or Continuous Delivery.

For administration and orchestration purposes I use tools like Ansible. Kubernetes in combination with docker is my choice to manage microservices. I use Jenkins as build server.

The quality I guaranty with automized UnitIntegration-, Function– and Scenario-Tests which I program with JUnit, PHPUnit or other Testing Frameworks.

Symbolic Image © Victorgrigas / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 3.0

Infrastructure Setup and Maintenance

I provide the setup, maintenance and protection of basic and complex business infrastructures. This includes Business Server Software Solutions and Business Client Software Solutions.

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I also offer consultations, trainings, seminars and speaks which are related to this areas. Check out my Education Solutions to get more information.

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If you’re interested in my open-source projects I recommend to check out my Github-account.

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