Business Client Software Solutions

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I offer Business Computer Client Software Solutions for organizations like companies, NGO‘s and clubs. This means that I setup and maintain the software like applications and operating systems and take care on the security and maintenance.

In the following a Business Computer Client is to be meant as a computing device which an employee uses to work for an organizations. This includes desktop computers, laptops, tablets and mobile phones.

The Business Computer Clients Software Solutions which I offer are a good supplement to my Business Server Software Solutions. Together they are the perfect composition for organizations which need safe, secure and autonomous data management solutions.

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Business Server Software Solutions


My Open Source tool Server Manager which is based on Ansible allows me to setup and maintain business servers on a short amount of time.

In the following service description business server is to be meant as a server which provides all of the services which an organization needs. This includes businesses, non-governmental organizations, political organizations, clubs, educational facilities, etc.

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FourEnergy GmbH

In 2021 I worked as an IT-Consultant at FourEnergy. In this position I worked as a Scrum Master for two German and one Romanian team for the Miele Cie. & KG. I also supported Miele as a member of the executive departement for agile transformation, the “Agile Center of Expertise”. Besides this I helped Miele in the cultural change from a classic to an agile company as Part of the “Culture & Mindset Initiative”.

AtoS IT GmbH

In 2019 I worked at AtoS as Software Engineer in Berlin.

Employment Reference

Work Description

  • I developed Java applications
  • I developed automated software tests with JUnit
  • I optimized the development process
  • I did Code reviews

Project Clients

During my employment at AtoS I worked for clients of the following branches:

Transfer of Knowledge

At the Magdeburger Developer Days I hold a presentation about the topic Continues Integration – Cheap & Easy.

I transferred the following knowledge to my team:


I participated in the GitHub Satellite 2019 Conference in Berlin.


From 2018 to 2019 I worked as Software Engineer for IBM in the Stuttgart region and Magdeburg.

Employment Reference

IBM Client Innovation Center GmbH
IBM Client Innovation Center GmbH

Work Description

Project Clients

During my employment at IBM I worked for a client from the automotive industry in the Stuttgart region.


  • I participated in the one month intensive training IBM Java Masterclass 2018
  • I participated in an intensive training about Kubernetes and Spring Boot
  • I followed the career and educational path software architect
  • I joined the knowledge transfer branch Cloud Application Development and Migration

Neue Werte GmbH

From 2017 to 2018 I worked at Neue Werte as Software Engineer in Berlin

Employment Reference

Work Description

Knowledge Transfer

During my work for Neue Werte I transferred the following knowledge to apprentices:

Tools & Technologies


Dionera GmbH

From 2015 until 2017 I worked as Software Engineer at Dionera in Berlin.

Employment Reference

Working Certificate Dionera GmbH

Work Description

  • Front-end development of insurance calculators.
  • Back-end development of insurance calculators.


Next to working for Dionera I visited the educational facility ATIW.

belboon GmbH

From 2013 to 2015 I worked for belboon as Business Administrator for Marketing Communications in the field of Affiliate Marketing in Berlin.

Employment Reference

Work Description


Next to working for belboon I visited the educational facility OSZ Handel 1.

RootConnect e.K.

In 2011 I worked in the marketing department at RootConnect e.K. in Simmern.

Work Description

  • customer support
  • text development
  • programming
  • graphic design
  • marketing strategy development

Tools and Technologies

Freelance Tutor and Trainer

Since 2011 I work as tutor and trainer for institutions and private customers.

Work Description


As tutor I worked for the following organizations:

Freelance Software Engineer

Since 2009 I work as an Freelance Software Engineer.

Freelance Content Marketing Publisher

From 2012 until 2016 I published paid content marketing articles on my blog